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Working Parent Entitlements for children from the age of 9 months

What we offer:

TERM-TIME only option – up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks or STRETCH option – up to 11.25 hours per week for 51 weeks.

Will I have to pay a registration fee?

YES. Children booking times booked beyond the Early Education Funded Entitlement hours are required to pay a £35 registration fee.

Will I have to pay any additional costs?

YES. Standard charges apply for sessions booked beyond funded hours. Funded hours are offered free of charge as part of our standard session times, and not as a stand-alone offer. The amount you pay is for the times in the standard session which are not funded. 

All sessions include snacks, drinks and meals at no extra charge. 

Please contact the nursery for details of our price structure and the models available.

Please note: Decisions about whether children are eligible or not are made by HMRC, not by the Council or Blue Bell Woods Nursery. Please contact HMRC if you have any queries.