How is my child kept safe at nursery?
We have robust Safeguarding and Health and Safety Policies and Procedures which are followed rigorously by all staff members. Information is available on our website and in our Entrance Hall. We also have a “Stay Safe” display board with lots of useful information. Please feel free to discuss any questions with a member of staff. 

Are staff police checked?
Yes- all staff working or volunteering at nursery have a current DBS.


What can I do if I have a concern or complaint?
Complaints will always be taken seriously and should you wish to make a complaint or express a concern you are free to do so. 

Please approach the Nursery Manager via telephone, in person*, or via email. 

Our Compliments and Complaints Policy can be viewed on our website or in the Entrance Hall, or please request a copy if you require more information.


How can I communicate with the nursery?
There are many ways in which we work in partnership with families and your input is most valued. Our systems include: 

  • Drop off/ collection times- a member of staff will greet you at the door and give feedback at the end of the day. 
  • Verbal communication- your child’s Key Person or Senior Staff are available to talk to you at an arranged time in person or over the telephone. 
  • Written communication- please feel free to email us at any time. 
  • FAMLY app
    • Information about mealtimes, sleep times and nappy changes is available to view on the app.
    • Learning Journey- view photos of your child taking part in our educational programme; families can contribute to the Learning Journey using the app. 
  • Family Books- we invite you to provide us with photographs of family members, friends, pets etc. so we can make your child a Family Book to share at nursery. 
  • Family Survey- periodically you are invited to partake in our Family Survey.


Is there a minimum number of sessions that my child must attend?
We require that your child has a set attendance pattern of at least two sessions per week (two half days or one full day and one half day). 

Can I swap sessions?
We are unable to ‘swap’ scheduled sessions. If you wish to permanently change your child’s attendance pattern, we require one months’ notice and will accommodate the change if places are available.

Can I book extra sessions?
You are welcome to request extra sessions and we will accommodate if space allows. We are unable to book extra sessions more than two weeks in advance of the date required.

Do you offer Term Time only sessions?
Yes- we offer a Term Time only option in line with Warwickshire’s school dates

Medical Issues

Can my child come to nursery if they are ill?
Lots of children suffer from minor coughs and colds; if they are happy in themselves then they may come to nursery. If they are suffering from an infectious illness or communicable disease, then they will not be able to attend nursery. We look upon each case individually so please telephone the nursery before you bring your child in if you have any doubts. Children suffering from sickness or diarrhoea will not be allowed back into nursery until 48 hours has passed since the last episode to prevent the spread of infection. 

What happens if my child becomes ill at nursery?
We will monitor your child and if we feel it is necessary we will telephone you to inform you of the situation. You must collect your child if we are concerned for their health. If your child has a temperature, we will ask you to collect them and ask for permission to administer infant paracetamol to make them more comfortable in the meantime.

What happens if my child has an accident at nursery?
Children are prone to bumps and falls as they play at nursery. Minor accidents will be dealt with by our First Aiders and you will be required to sign the Accident Book when you collect your child. If we are concerned about an accident, we will telephone you immediately to inform you of the situation. 

Do you cater for my child’s dietary requirements?
Yes- we are happy to provide meals, snacks and drinks to meet the needs of your child. Please discuss this with your child’s Key Person and complete the details on the “All About Me” paperwork.

Financial Information

How will I be billed?
Fees are payable in advance on or by the 1st of each calendar month. You will be emailed an invoice approximately two weeks before the next payment is due. You can pay via bank transfer, childcare vouchers or Tax Free Childcare. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept cash or cheques. 

How is my invoice calculated?
If your child attends all year round, fees are prorated.

If your child is term time only, fees will fluctuate each month, depending on the term dates.

Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?
Yes- we accept Childcare Vouchers and are happy to register with any Childcare Voucher Company of your choice. We also accept payment made using the Tax Free Childcare Scheme. 

Do I have to pay for Bank Holidays?
As with the majority of Day Nurseries, we are closed on Bank Holidays and you will be charged. We are also closed for the week between Christmas and New Year; one week’s fees will be deducted from your December bill. 

Do I still have to pay if my child is off sick or if we go on holiday?
Fees are still payable if your child does not attend nursery as scheduled. 

Will there be a fee increase?
We review our fees annually and there will be a fee increase every year on 1st April. You will be given a month’s written notice advising you of the increase.