Be Healthy at Blue Bell Woods

Meeting Individual Needs~ We endeavour to cater for the dietary requirements of each child. Please speak to your child's Key Person and complete information about your child's dietary requirements on their "All About Me" form.

Baby Unit

We work closely with parents and carers to fully support your baby through the weaning process. We are happy to blend down fresh vegetables to a consistency that meets your baby's individual preference, and gradually introduce new foods and finger foods at your request. Our Nursery Nurses are responsive to each babies' needs; although we encourage babies to eat together to create a homely feel and to encourage social skills, we will follow your babies' individual routine.

Social Development

Mealtimes are a social time where children sit and eat together, enjoying each others' company. Children are encouraged to serve their own food and pour their own drinks, within their capabilities. Staff use this time to promote independence, manners, sensory development  and language skills.